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peyton / intj / class of 2016

*stifles interested in medicine*



1. Loans should be your last resort. Apply for many scholarships, work part time, save christmas/birthday/graduation gifts to pay for college.

2. Federal Loans (sub/unsub) cannot be consolidated with private alternative loans. That means you will have more than one bill every month. Pretty tough to manage for most young people.Especially if you can’t find a job.

3. When you are young and don’t have any established credit history you will need a credit-worthy co-borrower to even get a private alternative loan.

4. Just because a lender or bank gives you a “free” teddybear or tshirt does not mean they are your friend. They are not looking out for you.

5. Some lenders are predatory and they rely on the fact that you don’t know what you’re doing. Get advice from FA Office at your school and parents before you sign anything.


Fun Fact #3: The reason we have you sign in cursive every time you take one of our tests is because it’s actually a legally-binding contract conferring us your soul