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Impossible is not a fact, it’s an opinion.
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George Orwell’s Brilliant Guide to Writing Well
The best writing advice you’ll ever read. Period. 
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My mother was very excited to see that her Cambridge photos got quite a few notes so she wanted me to add some more. Here’s a panorama she took of Cambridge university. It’s stunning!
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Reed College Library — Students in the south reference room of Reed’s Eric V. Hauser Memorial Library, circa 1930.


Steven Levitt

The William B. Ogden Distinguished Service Professor of Economics, who has taught at UChicago since 1997, says “the biggest impact of Freakonomics has not been on other economists, but on young people.” (Photos by Sally Ryan)


try to do the questions then look at the videos. wow, like, my sat score just went up 100 points nig


These colleges don’t look at em.



~ 29 years old ~ Steve Jobs [refreshingly youthful]

Omg hot lol ;)

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But come on. Even in Google Maps street view, Barnard looks incredible. 
What a dream